Erlo-sapien at 2009 2009 is going to be one of the most unforgottable experience for me. For this meet, a group of 10 students from my college including me tried to prepare a robot .The robot aimed to work on a linux-kernel-2.6.26-*  based system and process the language  ERLANG  (best known for it’s concurrency-handling capability). We started the work about 3 weeks ago.
Initially we had a plan to use a beagle board ,which is 3 inch * 3 inch in size and is usb bootable.But it was too costly for us to afford so we requested an old computer from our college lab.The college permitted us to use an old computer (which did’nt  support booting from USB) .The Computer is required to be returned to the collge on or before december 9,2009.Finally our robot had a structure having a motherboard,a smps, and a hard-disk on it’s body.Apart from from this , there were five I-R sensors and a web-cam on it’s body .The IR-sensors were prepared by two students from Electronics group in our group –  Achu wilson and Aronin  .Apart from this the whole structure of the robot was prepared by them which had 2   motors connected to wheels . A circuit named H-bridge was also there ,so as to control the motor’s direction in either way.

Robot used it’s IR-sensors to detect any obstracle in front of it and tracks a path avoiding collision and the checks for any symbol through the web-cam and moved correspondingly .The I-R sensors and the motor were connected to motherboard via a parallel port.The web-cam is interfaced with the motherboard through the usb interface.

The link-in drivers to communicate with the ir-sensors, and the motors were written in C. Erlang code used these drivers(Erlang-C interface) through an interface and controlled the movement of the robot. The robot was named as ERLO-SAPIEN by our group.We were able to complete the almost every section except the web-cam part .

The “Erlo-Sapien” was demonstrated at 2009 project expo and got a lot of attention with lots people coming in with their valuable suggestions to improve. The harware and software details of the robot will be published soon.

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