DOS in Debian ( a free DOS emulator in linux)

Next week,I am having an examination of Computer hardware lab where all we people are supposed to do
assembly level coding for X86 architecture.In our lab, we used to do coding in Ms-WindowsXp using a software “NASM.exe” (an assembler),although our staff prefers open-source over a proprietory software.
Only hardware lab was there in our college which was still having MS-windows installed on it,all other labs are having open source OS installled in their PC’s.As no awareness about  free software version of NASM and DOSEMU was there with our staff.
This was the time when one of my friend and classmate  Harikrishnan suggested them about  packages  “Dos-Emu”   in LINUX environment

Now ,govt engineering college sreekrishnapuram is one of those engineering colleges in our country where all the computer labs are having open source operating system on each of it’s computer.

The package “dosemu” is available in the latest version of almost every linux distro’s.
For Debian 5.0 lenny the package is available in the cdrom itself,otherwise can be downloaded from the link

the rpm version for redhat distros and package.tar.gz  is available at the link

I installed it on one of my friend’s PC having a debian lenny distro.As the package was  available with the distro cd ,all i needed to do was to add cdrom in synaptic manager and install the package dosemu.

  • Adding a cdrom in Synaptic Package Manager

         From the
                                 System –  Administration
click open the
                               Synaptic Package Manager
this will prompt for the root password,as the procedure needs root previlege

under the edit tab there is an option “add cdrom”,this may prompt for inserting a cdrom to be added if it is not already inserted.After the cdrom is inserted all the indexes of the package will added into the package list.

  • Installation of dosemu

then package “dosemu “can be installed from the Synaptic Package Manager or it can be instatlled by
the command

sudo apt-get install dosemu

the package will be installed and the dos emulator can be accesed by typing a command


in the shell.
This will create a  “.dosemu ” directory  in your login directory (in /home/… directory).In that directory it will create a drive_c directory where the “dosemu ” works .

I hope that this will be a bit usefull to those who are trying to switch onto open-source environment from windows environment like me

  • nasm installation in debian

The package NASM is available with debian lenny distro CD.and is available at

can be installed from debian distro cd as

sudo apt-get install nasm

 any .asm file can be assembled by NASM as

 nasm file.asm -fbin -o

which creates a file
this can be executed by executing the file’s name on “dosemu” prompt.

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