Boosting up download speed in linux

 For all those people using linux and having a low  speed internet connection,this post can be helpfull in some way,i hope.

  • Installing DownThemAll! to the firefox

 DownThemAll is an addon which can be installed to Mozilla Firefox web browser.
This addon can be downloaded as well as installed from the link

as soon as the addon is installed to Firefox, it can be configured to suit the user requirements

  • Installing Download Accelerators 

Apart from installing addons to web browser,there are many download accelerators like D4X , JDownZ, Aria available which can be used to speed up the downloading.These download accelerators are usefull not only in boosting up the downloading speed ,but also in providing some extra features such as to pause and resume the download.

  •  JDownZ Download Accelreator

    the package of JDownZ can be downloaded from

    the package is a jar file which can be run as per instructions in the README 
    available with the package 

    • Download for X (D4X) Download Acclerator
    These download acclerator is provided has its official binary with debian lenny release version.
    So those having the debian lenny insert the first disk then add the cdrom in synaptic manager then use the command
    sudo apt-get install d4x
    and the package will be installed .

    otherwise the package can be downloaded from 

    and can be installed as
    dpkg -i
    once d4x is installed ,it acn be accessed from Application -> internet -> Download for X.
    • Aria download accelerator

    This package is also available with Debian-“Lenny” distribution .It can be installed as

     sudo apt-get install aria

    otherwise the package can be downloaded from

    and the package can be installed by

    dpkg -i

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